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Assorted Bite 10Pcs packing

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Mewa Bite 10 Pcs Assorted Box

You are about to experience a unique creation … the richness of basic ingredients blended with superb quality dry fruits give the product… a divine taste.

The magical recipe has resulted from the instinctive taste making experiments carried out by our creative mithai makers in our kitchen laboratory. No wonder, it has created a sensation even in the international market and we feel privileged to be its pioneers. Its longer shelf life property and crispness, only add to its goodness.

Bites has the best of nature’s ingredients wrapped in a foil, making it a ‘nutty’ temptation… definitely hard to resist.

An assurance of quality

Keeping in mind that we deal with a very sensitive product, we promise to deliver our clientele quality products wrapped in Lakhnavi Tehzeeb. Superb quality Cashew nuts, Almonds, Chocolate Solids and other raw materials gives our product a divine taste & to us a distinct identity.

An indigenous from our kitchen laboratory –Mewabite/Chocobite/Orangebite/Pista Bite – an amalgamation of our innovation , blended with international taste and inspired packaging.


Finest Cashew nuts from Mangalore,Pistachios from Iran, Almonds from USA, Chocolate solids from Belgium, Refined, Sugar, Butter Oil, Silver Foil to garnish.

Contains permitted synthetic food flavours & colours (INS 110, INS 102).

Store in a cool & dry place (between 100 C -200C/500C/ F - 680 F temp.)

Keep away from direct sunlight.

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